Meeting 3 – Wed 3rd July 2019

The East Division of the Midland Veterans’ Track & Field League Meeting Three will be held on Wed 3rd July 2019  at Ken Marriott Leisure Centre, Rugby hosted by Rugby & Northampton.

Declaration Forms

Declaration forms for meeting 3 in Word and PDF (not yet available)


Ken Marriott Leisure Centre
Bruce Williams Way
CV22 5LJ

Events – TBC

Guests in Field events, until Official competition card reaches 8 And Track Guests are at the track Refs discretion.

Horizontal jumps and all throws will have Three trials!


1900—100m————-M60, W60

1906—100m————M70, W70

1912—100m————-M50, W50

1918—100m————-M40, W40

1924—100m————-M35, W35

1935—2000m Walk—–M35, M60, W40, W60

2005—400m———–M35, M40, M60

2015—400m———–W35, W40, W50

2035—1500m———-M35, M40, M50

2045—1500m———-W35, W40, W60

2105—Medley Relay —-M Relay

2110—Medley Relay—–W Relay


1900— Pole Vault——–M35, M50 (opening height 1m50)

1900—Hammer———-W35, W50

1915—High Jump———M60, W60

1915 —Long Jump——–W40


1945—Triple Jump——-M50, W50


2030—Long Jump——–M40, M70

2030—Discus————-M60, W35