Meeting 2 – Wed 29th May 2019

The East Division of the Midland Veterans’ Track & Field League Meeting Two will be held on Wed 29th May 2019 at Kettering Athletics Track, hosted by Kettering Town Harriers.

Declaration Forms

Declaration forms for meeting 2 in Word and PDF (not yet available)


Thurston Drive
NN16 6BP

Directions can be found here :

Events – TBC

Guests in Field events, until Official competition card reaches 8 And Track Guests are at the track Refs discretion.

Horizontal jumps and all throws will have Three trials!


1900—200m———–M60, W60

1907—200m————M70, W70

1912—200m————M50, W50

1918—200m————M40, W40

1924—200m————M35, W35

1935— 800m————M35, M40, M50

1950— 800m————W35, W40, W50

2005—2000m Walk—-M35, M50, W35, W50

2025—3000m———–M35, M40, M60

2040—3000m———–W35, W40, W60

2100—4x400m.———M Relay

2105—4x400m.———W Relay



1905—Triple Jump——M60, W35

1915 —High Jump —— W40


1945— Javelin———- M60, W60

1945—High Jump——-M40

2000—Long Jump—– M50, W50

2015—Shot———— M35, M70

2030—Discus———- M50, W40