Meeting 2 Results

Results for the East Division and North Division Meeting 2 are now on the results page

East Division Men is very close after two meetings this year with Charnwood, Kettering and Leamington all on 11 league points behind R & N Lions. There are only 7.5 points separating these teams; Charnwood 212, Kettering 205.5 and Leamington 204.5. Notts are not far behind on 10 League points and 203 total points.

On the Women’s side of the East Division Harborough and Leamington both have 9 league points, Harborough just about taking 3rd place currently with a total of 172 points to Leamington 167.5. Then Notts and Charnwood are both on 8 league points; Notts 160 total points, Charnwood 157.5 total points.

There is also a close competition in the North Division with Birchfield, Burton and Tamworth Men all on 10 league points; Birchfield 199 total points and currently in 3rd place behind Cannock & Staffs (1st) and Telford (2nd), Burton 186 total points and Tamworth 171 points. On the Women’s side Burton and Birchfield both have 11 league points but this time Burton are ahead of Birchfield; Burton 189.5 total points to take 3rd place behind Telford (1st) and Cannock & Staffs (2nd), Birchfield women have 149 total points.

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5 Responses to Meeting 2 Results

  1. David Jones says:

    Hi Calvin

    Any news on the South Division results please ?


    David Jones – Stratford upon Avon


    • David, I’ve not seen South results yet. Irene was still working on them Thursday lunchtime, but I am sure B&R would have won, with both Stratford and Worcester behind us and Halesowen 😉

  2. Roger Garland says:

    Thanks for this message Calvin

    I have had a look via the link you included and for Match 2 can access the results for North, but when I try to access East it says “Blocked” 😦

    The results for Match 2 in South have, as you know, been prepared by Irene.  They have now been e-mailed to me, but need to be sorted out. I have had to contact Dave Cowley as there were a couple of glitches.  I am also in the process of obtaining some missing names – some prompt replies, some not! If you’ve seen a copy of the draft results, did you notice one of the B&R (mixed) relay teams seemingly had 3 ladies and no men! Now corrected thanks to Ali Pickup.

    I am not due to obtain the track sheets and field cards until Sunday, so to speed things up I will probably circulate the draft results in their current condition. Match 2 team scores, men, currently show *Stratford 132, B&R 134.5 and WAC 135.5!!!* A B&R athlete in the M60 triple jump and you would have registered at least 6 points, _winning the match_


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