Midlands Veterans’ Track and Field League

(Page last updated: 4th February 2022)

The 2022 season is now well underway.



LEAGUE RECORDS – last updated 9th November 2021

2022 Provisional Timetable

2022 Divisional Makeup, Numbers and information

Brief History and Aims of Midlands Veterans’ Track and Field League

In 1976 an inter club fixture between Worcester and Stourport was extended to include M40 and W40 competitions.
In later seasons a veteran fixture including those clubs and Cardiff and Dartford Ladies was then set up.
From these events Leagues in the Midlands, Wales and South East England evolved.
In the Midland Veteran’s Track & Field League we now have 24 clubs divided into three divisions.
We provide track and field event competitions for the M35,40,50,60,70 and W35,40,50 60,70 age groups.
A range of events are held in all three divisions at four fixtures held between April and August on Wednesday or Thursday evenings.
At the end of each season the best eight teams from the 3 divisions are selected for the A Cup Final and the remaining teams compete in the B & C finals.

Details of programmes and venues are shown elsewhere on the website together with email addresses/telephone numbers for our Chairman, Secretary, and Divisional Secretaries.

Any club is welcome to apply.  We normally consider applications at our AGM in November when we can reorganise our divisions if necessary.

The standard of competition in our events should suit all from the the stars to the modest newcomer to the sport.

Our clubs are allowed to use 3 male and 3 female second claim athletes.